Rebecca Parker is a writer-type, avid but amateur picture-taker, sort of linguist, and proofreader/copy-editor. Her main areas of interest are mountainous landscapes, poetry that doesn't rhyme, and undermining her femme fatale mystique by wearing a lot of primary colours.

Here she can be found mostly collating evidence of her travels around Scotland and beyond. She is also the latter half of the duo Beanie & Bingo whose game of aesthetic snap is an ongoing project, and she reviews infrequently for The Wee Review. You can find a list of publications that have featured her work here.


  1. superbes photos de Grenoble ! quel(s) appareil(s) photos utilise tu ? avec des filtres?

    1. Merci! J'utilise plusieurs appareils photos, mais normalement c'est un Fujica AX-1 ou mon petit Panasonic lumix. Aucun filtre.