2 Sep 2016

what we saw on our holiday

Back in June we went on a trip to Cornwall. Here are some of the places we saw there and on the way.

Lud's Church, just south of Macclesfield, is like the Whangie's bigger English cousin. It's a labyrinth compared to the Whangie, but wasn't as tricksy to find, thankfully.

While we were there we heard a guide telling his group that legend said it had been made by a battle between Morgan le Fay and Merlin. We also saw a man with a very long beard and a strangely conspiratorial gait who I can only assume was an old druid come to pay his respects and maybe do a naked dance or something.

After several hours of driving on day two of the journey we stopped at Glastonbury to climb the Tor and eat our pies from Gloucester services (described as 'Heaven's waiting room' by a very weary James). It was a blissful respite at seven in the evening, the sun just starting to dip. As I was lying slumped on the grass, someone started to play the flute in the tower and I became even more reluctant to get up and back in the car for another two hours.

Continuing our Arthurian theme, we went to Tintagel and saw Merlin's Cave.

The waterfall at St Nectan's Glen would easily have been the best thing we saw all trip if it weren't for the fact that it's privately owned and you have to pay four quid to see it. You buy a ticket and then they let you through these big metal gates to get down. It takes away a lot of the magic of the place, which is a great shame because it is magical. Call me old fashioned, but I just don't think you should be able to own a naturally occurring waterfall in a forest. It seems wrong, you know? You wouldn't have to pay to see a waterfall in Scotland. It was very beautiful anyway.

Carnglaze Caverns are old slate quarries that you can now go and walk round. Also home to the UK's only licensed underground bar, apparently. It wasn't open.

Roche Rock is supposedly where a hermit used to live, but it's pretty extravagant for a hermit. You can climb up to the top via ladders which is fun.
And that's what we saw on our holiday.

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