6 Mar 2016

seaton cliffs

We went to Arbroath for the day, up the east coast in Angus, which has two main draws for me: smokies, and the Seaton Cliffs, which I might be inclined to call my favourite cliffs. Interesting rock formations like the Needle E'e are a pound a penny; the place is riddled with holes like a Swiss cheese.

There's also the abbey, which is a striking ruin when you spy it through the streets of the town. I've never been round it because on both visits I've been put off by the entry price... still, I'm sure it's very interesting and I do hope to see the inside eventually (probably on a doors open day, let's be honest.) Arbroath is also notable for being where the famous Declaration of Arbroath was signed in 1320, which I suppose makes it the birthplace of Scottish independence. Too bad that all went to crumbs in 1706, but you never know what the future may bring.
Like most coastal cliffs with a high density of caves and inlets, my gut tells me there have probably been a lot of goings-on here over the years. Dickmont's Den is a classic smugglers' cove if ever I saw one (I tried to find out where the name Dickmont comes from, but to no avail so far) and the stack you can see being climbed by James below is known as the Deil's Heid (Devil's Head). Further along the walk is Carlingheugh Bay, with 'carlin' being an old Scots word connected with the hag of winter, and witches, that you find in a number of place names all over Scotland. Just because of their sheer height and irregularity, you have to assume a lot of people have met their end here, either by accident or through foul play. With that in mind, I wonder if the white mist and splodge on this photo are really light leaks or if I'm picking up traces of ghosts (which I definitely have done before at certain other significant places, but that's another story.)

I've been reborn since I got a pair of real-life walking boots, from an outdoor shop and everything. Do you know how much easier it is to walk long distances when you're wearing well-fitting walking boots? A lot. I put them on and feel like I want to walk the circumference of the earth. I am unstoppable in my boots. Except for when I get tired, then I stop. But still, I'm a changed person.

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