4 Feb 2016

"the sailers in north ferrie"

When you take the train across the Forth Rail Bridge, you can look down into the North Queensferry aquarium's outdoor pools and see seals swimming around, which would be more exciting if you couldn't see seals swimming free and wild in the Forth anytime you wanted from more or less any point along the coast of Fife.

North Queensferry sits directly opposite South Queensferry, surprisingly enough, and is so-called because there used to be a ferry running to and from there, in the pre-road bridge days. It always strikes me as a bit of an anomaly, because even though it must have been a busy thoroughfare for all those years it's somehow still got that sleepy fishing village vibe, and despite being very charming and only a matter of minutes outside Edinburgh on the train, it hasn't been excessively touristified. What makes that even more surprising is that it is home to what I consider to be Fife's best tourist attraction: the smallest lighthouse in the world.

 Now the info inside the lighthouse actually says it's only the smallest working lighthouse in the world (you can get permission to light the old oil lamp and officially become a 'keeper of the light') but I couldn't find anything else claiming to be the smallest non-working lighthouse in the world so I'm going to say it's just the smallest full-stop and anyone who takes exception to that can... stew quietly I suppose?

Anyway, the smallest lighthouse in the world is pretty bloody small, to the point where it becomes difficult to take decently composed pictures of its interior. But charming, so very charming.

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