25 Sep 2015

inchcolm island

In the middle of the Forth is a wee island called Inchcolm. Actually there are quite a few islands in the Forth, but we're not talking about those other ones today, we're talking about the one I went to on a boat this week. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing, and all my seal pals came to see us (read: the seals I decided to call my pals even though we had never seen each other before, probably.)
hello, seal pal #1

Inchcolm Abbey is a beautiful old building what monks used to live in. As you walk up to it there's an information board that tells the story of a king (Alexander I, I want to say?) who was shipwrecked in the Forth and was taken in by a hermit who lived on the island. After sharing his meagre supply of food with the king, Alexander declared he would build a monastery on the island in what I assume was intended as a gesture of thanks. Given that the hermit was in fact, you know, a hermit, I can't imagine he saw it that way.

"Kind hermit of Inchcolm! To show my gratitude to you I shall build a monastery on your island!"
"Well I thank you, your majesty, but it's really not nec-"
"Monks shall flock from miles around to live on this secluded rock!"
"That's nice, but the thing is I'm a hermit-""
"Monks! Monks everywhere! Monks as far as the eye can see!"
"-like, I live on my own-"
"Yea! No more in isolation shall you live, good man!"
"But that sort of defeats the poin-"

This chap is seal pal #2. He kept bobbing around just off the beach as we walked along it, having a look at what we were doing. Like big blubbery puppies of the sea, that's what they are.
As we were boarding the boat to come back to shore, we noticed the rocks just alongside Inchcolm were inhabited by garden gnomes. I didn't get to the bottom of this one unfortunately.

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