9 Jul 2015

tuesday exploring: whale bones & witches

Bass Rock from the top of North Berwick Law

On top of North Berwick Law there is a whale bone arch. Or, there used to be a whale bone arch. There has been since the early 1700s, but since the last real bone one collapsed in 2005 there is now a fibreglass mock-whale bone arch in place. Said to have been a homing beacon for sailors in days gone by, now it's just a thing.

I vaguely remember hearing that the notorious North Berwick witch trials used to be held on top of the law as well, but I can't find any corroborating source for that. The Law is interesting in its own right though, rising out of the flat area all around it like a party hat. Also, like Arthur's Seat in the centre of Edinburgh, it's a defunct volcano.

From the top you can see down to the wee islands off the coast, including the Isle of May and Bass Rock, which was once used as a particularly brutal kind of prison. With sheer cliffs on all sides, once you're on the rock there's no getting off unaided. Like if Alcatraz hadn't bothered with beds and food and stuff.
Very compact studio flats for rent in North Berwick harbour

Preston Mill, or as I actually believe it to be, a witch's house


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