6 Mar 2015

venus, mars, moon

Do you remember how I used to draw things sometimes? Yeah, I still do that when I have the time and energy, which isn't very often at the moment but it does happen, when the planets are in alignment. These are some sketchbook pages from recent times.
 I went to Rosslyn chapel the other week, which is a very interesting and beautiful place, and on one archway there's this Latin inscription in the stonework which I thought was pretty cool.

 I think drawing people in the foetal position is like a therapeutic thing for me, I doodle things like this quite a lot, especially when I'm a bit on edge. There's something about that long curved line from shoulder to knee that's really satisfying to draw.

So I didn't realise it at the time, but yesterday there was this planetary event whereby Mars, Venus and the Moon formed a kind of triangle, and just by chance I actually saw it as I was walking home. It was quite the sight - like the moon and stars you see illustrated in children's books, that kind of perfectly composed formation you'd never think would actually happen.

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