23 Oct 2014

autumn fell

At this point I feel like I have to admit that I did briefly (briefly!) consider titling this post 'Edinbrr', but then I was so disgusted with myself I had to mentally relive every embarrassing moment of my life so far in excruciating detail as a kind of self-imposed punishment.

Much like how I have an extensive collection of photos of the mountain view from my bedroom window in Grenoble, so I will no doubt end this year with a flobbity-jillion pictures of the castle. Actually this has already happened. I have pictures of the castle in morning light, evening light, low light, bright light, lit up at night...

This might be my favourite so far though, taken through a wee peephole in the condensation early on a Thursday morning.
Autumn in Edinburgh means two main things for me: the first is that I find myself getting through lip balm at an alarming rate (it honestly feels like the wind is actually blowing it off your very mouth sometimes). The second is the sudden deluge of knitwear that sweeps through the city. You'd be forgiven for thinking you'd been dropped into a Scandinavian murder mystery. Campus becomes a sea of Aran-shrouded youths in tartan scarves instagramming foliage.

It's precious really, how everyone gets so excited about leaves changing colour. That includes me, by the way: I changed my route home so I can go through the Meadows, even though it adds five minutes and a big hill onto the walk. That's how serious I am about soaking up the autumnal atmosphere. Very serious.

Last Sunday there was a rainbow over Edinburgh.
All day long it kept fading away then coming back again.
It was a little like my focus and motivation in that way.

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