15 Aug 2014

please don't die

This is a maidenhair fern. My grandma has one in her dining room and it has always been my favourite because it flutters like moth wings (but not creepy) when you walk past it and casts the loveliest lacy shadows. I bought this one yesterday after I had to accept that my basil plant was no more. I'm hoping against hope that my maidenhair doesn't go the same way. Although to be honest, the basil plant was doing fine until someone told me that they only last a week normally and then it seemed to pop off overnight, so maybe I was the victim of a jinx.

I love plants but I'm not very good at caring for them so, naturally, I blame the universe for their quick exits from this mortal coil.

I feel quite soft and vulnerable at the moment, like if someone had been a bit too rough with my leaves. I'm trying to get myself back to normal but it's tricky because things aren't quite normal, and I'm not sure I want them back to normal either. Edinburgh is a weird place in August - it's not really the city I'm used to and things tend to happen in ways you weren't expecting. Days run together and time passes peculiarly. It's only been two weeks since the start of the month but it feels like much longer.

I realise this makes it sound like I'm miserable right now which isn't true at all. My head's been a bit mixed up and it's something that doesn't really happen to me so I'm just trying to work my way through it. But it's the Fringe! There's an almost excessive amount of atmosphere in this city at the moment and so much to see. I've developed a kind of universal desensitisation to anything that I might have previously considered a bit odd and now simply accept the presence of a man in a pair of ladies knickers and a cloth bear head (shout out to bear man) like I accept the sun rising in the morning.

In conclusion: my fern and I are doing fine for the time being. This has been a vague and unnecessary blog post. You are welcome.

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