19 May 2014

abuela, abuelo

In which my grandparents come for a holiday and we spend the entire week eating tapas and drinking tinto de verano.

Benefits of having your grandparents come to visit you in Spain:
1. They look at you all impressed like when you order drinks in Spanish (the only skill you've really mastered all semester)
2. They take you to fancy-ish restaurants you've been liking the look of
3. Your tour-guiding skills are not tested too much since your granddad is easily entertained by interestingly shaped trees

 This is a diner in town called Tony Mel's. It's a bit strange going to places like this in continental Europe (there was a place quite like it in Grenoble called Emily's that we frequented once or twice) because things are sort of semi-Anglicised so you feel a bit self-conscious when it comes to ordering. Do you just say the English words normally? Do you try to Spanish it up a bit? It's a minefield, honestly. It's the same reason I avoid places like Starbucks, because it's stressful enough trying to figure out how to pronounce the Italian words in English, I don't want to have to deal with that bushel of trouble in Spanish too.

This the restaurant where the waiter asked me to translate the phrase "En busca de la suerte" into English so that he could get it as a tattoo and I was petrified I would get the translation wrong even though I know those words. That is a lot of pressure, knowing the words you're suggesting will be on somebody's body in a permanent-type fashion.

The best part about los abuelos coming down was that it gave me a last chance to enjoy Alcalá before exams hit. La echaré de menos un montón, esta ciudad bonita.

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