5 Apr 2014


Things I learnt on my trip to Granada:

1. Google maps lies, and metro stops that look close to the bus station may in fact be very very far away from the bus station.

2. Free tapas with every refresco is the most excellent bloody idea I've ever heard of and I will probably never shut up about it.

3. Caf├ęs in Granada will apparently only start serving hot churros after five o' clock, even though there's apparently no problem with going out for a glass of tinto de verano at one o' clock in the morning.

4. If you hear just one chorus of 'Bamboleo' you will have it in your head for the next fourteen hours.

5. Granadinos don't say the 's' on the end of most words, and somehow it makes you feel like a right pillock when you're there pronouncing them like you were taught for six years.

6. Getting on a bus at ten o' clock in the morning still drunk from the night before feels surprisingly fine. Sitting on that bus for a further five hours feels decidedly less fine.
 "You can't live your life facing the Alhambra, you must live it facing reality" ~ wise words from Emma's landlady

Granada was really a cool place, and somehow so very Spanish. Wish I could have stayed to be honest.

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