2 Apr 2014

una tapa para la escocesa, por favor

I am mildly obsessed with Buen Retiro park and in particular the palacio de cristal where there is an art installation at the moment by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, which basically means there are all these rocking chairs in there with books attached by ribbons. It's super cute and we sat around rocking for ages.

The park is so enormous, every time I go I get a bit overwhelmed and just end up wandering around in a kind of bemused haze. We came across a part I'd never seen before with topiary and ivy-wrapped pillars where there were a gazillion cats just hanging out and peacocks ambling around. It was a bit weird, like stumbling into a little wonderland in the middle of Madrid.

While we were in our wee barca on the lake it became apparent that row boats, much like dodgems, inspire very juvenile flirting attempts in groups of lads that mainly entail shouting 'hola' at girls in other boats.

The only upside to the return of the cool weather is that there has been a brief resurgence of dogs wearing jumpers.

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