3 Feb 2014

Three drawings

So when I was at home I had the bright idea that I was going to try doing a 365 project thing, except with drawings instead of photos. This, in my deluded mind, was a fantastic plan that would force me to stay creative and leave me with a nice body of work instead of just the dribs and drabs I normally produce. However, what I'd actually done was begin a venture that was doomed to fail because I had chosen the most inconvenient time possible to start: the day afterwards I went on a three-day trip back to France for an exam, meaning that between the twelve hours I spent on trains and my general lack of time for anything that wasn't sorting my life out and being stressed, it was a bust after just one day.

I may well try this idea again sometime, because I think under less tumultuous conditions I could actually give it a fair go. Possibly could start this summer, once I'm back in the country for good and have more consistent access to my scanner. We shall see.

In any case, here is the one completed drawing from day one of the aborted 365. My granddad found this on the coffee table after I'd drawn it and held it up before looking at me and saying "It's a good likeness that." I don't know whether to be pleased that I apparently managed to capture such an accurate impression of myself or displeased that according to my granddad any sneery girl with a bob = me.

Little thing I drew on my rough paper at the end of my four hour exam, my semester in France all finished.

This one I drew after coming back from the aforementioned trip to France. On one of the many trains I took over those three days I saw a man who had obviously made the horrible mistake of putting on navy blue trousers with his black jacket and he looked terribly dejected. I wrote a haiku about it too:

Man on train looks blue:
navy trousers, black jacket,
dark mornings, cruel chance.

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