11 Feb 2014


I have six pages of written work to do for next Wednesday on a topic I still haven't quite pinned down, but the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza is free on Monday afternoons, so. Art always wins, you know?

So, the Thyssen-Bornemisza. As far as galleries go it's... probably not one of my favourites. As I wrote in my notepad while I was walking round, it's like they got together all of the least popular works of art by famous artists and put them together on walls the most horrible and distracting colour of taramasalata. It's seriously horrible, in fact it was horrible enough for that to be my main thought as I walked round, which is annoying because I actually really like a lot of the pieces they have. These pictures are from the twentieth-century collection on the ground floor which thankfully has white walls. Don't think I could have handled seeing a second Georgia O'Keefe against such a vile tone.

I'm only slightly ashamed to say that I followed this woman around for a bit, trying to get a sneaky picture of her trousers because they matched the floor. The problem is that I'm not nearly as sneaky as I think I am and her husband definitely started to get suspicious so I had to get a quick shot and sidle away sharpish.

As with the Palacio de Cristal, I feel like I've seen pictures of this vertical garden before. I probably would have walked straight past if it weren't for the couple who'd stopped to take a picture in front of it causing me to wonder what on earth could be so interesting about the side of a building and - oh.

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