28 Jan 2014

Who needs friends when you have ART

I mean quite clearly the answer is me because I keep going on about it, but art comes a close second.
I went walkabout in Madrid.

El Museo Nacional del Prado, where I got to see the Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosch (although in Spain he is apparently known as El Bosco. They seem to like doing that here, translating names I mean. Albrecht Dürer was called Alberto Durero and I was just like... but... that's not... his name? I don't know, it seems weird to me.)

This is the Palacio de Cristal. As I was walking up to it, I thought it looked familiar and realised that I'd seen a picture of it on tumblr a while ago. In the picture it looked like the building was filled with water (although it actually turns out to have been a mirrored floor) so I was a little disappointed when I arrived to find what is essentially a big greenhouse. Apparently the picture I'd seen was of an installation by Kim Sooja in 2006 and has long since been taken away. But I do like greenhouses and this was a pretty bloody impressive one, so.

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