17 Jan 2014

The Land of Spare Oom

Rebecca Parker: Selfie Queen

Except not really, because the spirit is willing but the total lack of equipment/ability is weak. I own neither tripod nor remote, so taking self-portraits is actually an exercise in constructing a comical tower of objects that reaches the right height for my camera to sit on, then using the self-timer, running back and forth to reset it every time. It's a tiring and frustrating business. In fact, after an hour in the spare room with my camera (my granddad came in to see what the noise was and found me in the wardrobe where I'd set up my 'tripod tower') these are the only two pictures I have that are in focus and not overexposed. So... sort of success?

I shamelessly copied this hairstyle off Lydia Kasumi Shirreff in issue eighteen of oh comely, but she pulls it off better than I do.

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