13 Jan 2014


One fine jour férié in November we took a bus up t'hills and walked up a mountain. In fact, we took the bus a little too far and ended up on top of another smallish mountain, with two inches of snow around our boots and an extra three-quarters of an hour added onto our walk. Luckily a downhill addition.

It was a very satisfying excursion for two main reasons: 1) I realised, making my way up an almost vertical incline, that all my cycling for the past three months had really improved my stamina. I think my actual fitness and health levels remained roughly the same thanks to all the cheese I'd been eating, but I was certainly less destroyed by the climb than I would have anticipated. 2) Being in the woods and the mountains with a sprinkling of snow on the ground, I felt the most like I was really where I'd imagined myself before coming to Grenoble. It was my Narnia moment.

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