23 Dec 2013

Drawings from across la Manche: sketchbook addition

Went to France. Took a book and some pencils. Here's what happened.
(Any mistakes in the French are there because I'm incompetent. I have no excuses.)
Just near the hotel I stayed in when I first arrived in Grenoble there was a Chinese restaurant with the subtly weird name China Moon, of which I sketched the signage one afternoon. The drawing above is from au pairing, when I was in pain from running around the garden for days but also in the depths of my soul.

Girl on bicycle (above) This is based on (though obviously not true to life) a girl I saw who had incredibly long hair, plaited and hanging dangerously close to the quickly turning wheels of her vélo.

One night in the pub my friend's boyfriend who was visiting asked me, in the way of casual conversation, if I did any skiing, and I laughed and laughed.

Sleeping Jean I already put this in a blog post earlier in the year but this is a better version.

My hair went through some... interesting stages over the past few months.

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