14 Dec 2013

D'avoir la bougeotte: phone photo highlights September to December

Another from the grandparental visit. It's a shame you can't see, but the two people sitting on the bench in the middle were the most fabulous pair I've ever seen. They were total strangers - she was an older lady wearing a bright fuchsia jacket and a leopard print beret; he was a youngish chap, incredibly tall and dressed like a dandy from the 40s. They just sat down next to each other and read their papers. I was fascinated, I just openly stared at them.

There was a weekend in early October when it would not stop raining, and on the Sunday morning we went for breakfast at this 'American diner'. We sat there for about three and a half hours, for two full run-throughs of Grease.

Taken from the window of the train at Grenoble station, on my way to Paris. Early morning travelling excitement.

I took this on discovery of the fact that my grandma had polished my MATTE black boots before I left for France, unbeknownst to me. Bless her, good intentions and all that. You can't really tell on the picture, but they looked so silly. I also had tonsillitis here.

From my birthday night: I made the whole group stop so I could fumble with my phone and take a picture of this star. Things that seem important when you've got a bottle of wine inside you.

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