12 Dec 2013

D'avoir la bougeotte: phone photo highlights June to August

I finally got around to harvesting the photos from my phone. I don't take a lot of them, and the ones I do end up with are more often than not just snaps of whatever's around when I'm waiting on something, or when I don't have another camera to hand. I quite like them for just that reason - they're the pictures I'd never have otherwise, the almost-weren't photos.
I took this on my last evening in Edinburgh, while I was waiting outside a bar to meet my friend for goodbye drinks. She wasn't late; I was early. Back at the flat my room was bare and I couldn't stand being there anymore. Such a bittersweet night. I walked home so slowly.

At the beginning of August I went home for a few (too) brief days. Feeling spontaneously overwhelmed by affection as we were out shopping, I took this candid walking photo of my beautiful sister.

This is from when I was sitting on my third train of the day at Gare de Lyon in Paris, feeling tired and scared on my way to Grenoble.


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