3 Oct 2013

The many fountains of Grenoble (and surrounding region)

When my grandparents came to visit a couple of weeks ago, we went on a little excursion to (relatively) nearby Chambéry, where we ate tartes tatins and I used my sixth sense for locating second-hand markets.

There are so many fountains here: I have a theory that the city leaks and the fountains are just a sneaky way of covering it up. In this picture you also get bonus tram. I have somehow managed not to scare everyone away with my enthusiasm for the tram system, so far, which is quite the feat. I don't know why I like them so much, there's just something about the way these big, train-like vehicles glide around the town, slowly, quietly, like a cat through legs. They always remind me of the train in Spirited Away. And also the cat bus in My Neighbour Totoro, for that matter. I suppose you can conclude that I get very Studio Ghibli vibes from trams, and that's why I like them so much.

Square Tree Avenue. Not it's actual name, but the trees here are always perfect cuboids, even though I've yet to see anyone trimming them. Clearly there's some kind of witchcraft at work.

These two photos (above and below) are amongst the most annoying from the whole lot for me, because the thing that I was actually trying to photograph on both just isn't visible. In the first, there's actually a mural painted on the side of the building, but between the sun and over-exposure it's been completely washed out. In the second, you can just about make out the eyes of the little otter-type creature someone has drawn in the middle of the road sign.
So infuriating.

I just don't know what to say about this statue. All I know is that whenever I see it I instantly get Reach in my head.
Fun not-so-fun story about this fountain: this is where, on my fourth day in Grenoble, I found myself sitting holding a sandwich I had bought out of a sense of duty, lacking any real desire to eat it, and sobbing my little pathetic heart out. It was a rough first couple of weeks, but that Thursday was the worst day by far. I affectionately call it Black Thursday. Like a snake bite though, once I got most of the poison out that afternoon things started getting better and better, until I found myself looking around one day and realising that I was actually happy.

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